17 Mayıs 2009


In this article, I do not imply that Republic of Turkey has to cut its defence expenditures to grow up. I try to show a logical economic way by which Republic of Turkey can get an efficient point as the some developed countries can do. What Republic of Turkey should do can be categorized below:

1) The problems with the countries listed below cause Turkey to increase defence expenditures. Shortly, I deal with the problems: The problems with Russia: The existence of the Muslim minority of Russia and some historical passions of Russia, for instance the dream of part of the sea that is not surrounded by land etc. The problems with Greece: Mainly Cyprus, Greece Islands, continental shelf related to Aegean Sea etc. The problems with Iraq: North Iraq, the existence of the illegal organization named PKK. Turkey exists in a very problematic zone. To manage this is very hard for Turkey, but we believe that our republic can manage this by creating good relationships among the countries.

2) National defence industry should be supported by the government. Partnerships should be created among national defence industry and universities (mainly, engineering faculties)

3) If the foreign defence companies want to sell their weapons and other related productions, there must be a crucial clause: the firms must share their technology and knowledge with our local defence industry.

4) The Turkish armed forces should be renewed as a professional armed force. This is necessary and we know this will be possible in fifteen years.

5) We should consider the relations with NATO and we should be a member of the Europe Army.

6) We should construct partnerships, related to defence industry, with Russia, China and Iran. We claim this, because some bad political relationships with United States and other Western countries can damage our national defence politics. As an example, after the Cyprus War between Turkey and Greece, the Western countries have imposed an embargo on Republic of Turkey.

7) PKK creates an excess burden in our national defence. How to solve this problem is difficult for Turkey. We know that only military reactions cannot solve this problem. Some economic and cultural supports must be implemented to minimize this problem.

8) Turkey should have close relations with the Middle East countries, because some terrorist organizations locate there, such as PKK, Hezbollah. Having good relations with the Middle East countries can help Turkey to reduce defence expenditures. Turkey should exhibit that Turkey is not the Trojan Horse of USA, otherwise some fanatic organizations can plan some terrorist attacks on Turkey. As a result, some true political conducts should be used to have an efficient point in Turkish defence targets.


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